Emergency Broadband Benefit Fraud Alert

Overall Needs Statements

Globe with word internet in yellow banner over it
Money bag with green check mark
globe with chart and upward facing arrow
Devices- Laptop, tablet and phone.
hand holding phone with four app images
Two laptops exchanging information
Laptop with lines leading to people above.

Seven needs statements that directly relate to the project’s goals were created.

Broadband For All

Universally accessible and consistent broadband is needed throughout Marin

Affordable Internet Service

Marin needs affordable broadband service, so cost is not a barrier to entry

Resilient and Reliable Communication Networks

Redundancy and resiliency are needed for all digital infrastructure

Devices for Access

Robust end-user devices are needed to access all digital opportunities

Digital Literacy

Collaborations are needed to help address the lack of digital literacy for providers and consumers of internet content and services

Collaboration and Data Sharing

Collaborations and data sharing are needed to improve service delivery, increase efficiencies, and provide insights

Digital Adoption

Trust is needed to increase usage of digital resources


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