Education Working Group launches

Posted on February 17, 2021

On February 17, 2021 the Education Working Group met, facilitated by Digital Marin Executive Steering Committee member Ross Millerick, and project sponsor Liza Massey. The Education working group includes members from Marin Promise Partnership, Marin County Office of Education, College of Marin, and city school districts. The agenda included introductions, an orientation to the project, and a discussion on potential outreach strategies.

The next steps include: 

  • Identify standing meetings to serve as Focus Groups
  • Identify community organizations that support education
  • Refine the survey questions and target them specifically to students, parents, and educators

The focus groups will be followed by an online survey and augmented by one-on-one interviews with individuals within these groups. 

The Working Group will meet again following the focus groups to review and discuss key themes gathered from the outreach. 

Watch the meeting

Read the meeting notes and slides

Education Working Group meeting – Feb 17, 2021

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