Digital Marin

Planning Our Digital Future

Resident Survey

Tell us about your experience getting connected to the internet and how well it works for you and your family.

Encuesta a Residente

Háblenos sobre su experiencia de conectarse a la internet y cuán bien funciona para usted y su familia.

Khảo sát thường trú bằng tiếng Việt

Hãy cho chúng tôi biết trải nghiệm của bạn khi kết nối với Internet và nó hoạt động tốt như thế nào đối với bạn và gia đình bạn

What is Digital Marin?

Digital Marin is a project to develop a digital infrastructure strategic plan.​

Digital infrastructure is the data, software apps, and physical infrastructure working together to provide access, information, and online services to stakeholders.  The Digital Marin initiative aims to better understand the digital needs and vision of our residents, communities, schools, public agencies, and business sectors to develop a roadmap to achieve them.  From there we will highlight opportunities for more efficient, transparent, and customer-oriented cross-jurisdictional and cross-sector service delivery.

For more on the project visit our About page. To learn more about the teams conducting outreach see Communities.


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