Needs Assessment Report finalized

Posted on August 31, 2021

Based on months of outreach to residents, government officials, schools, businesses, healthcare, and community-based organizations, the Digital Marin Needs Assessment Report was compiled to show the needs within Marin’s communities. The outreach process uncovered gaps that many people didn’t know existed and opened the door for collaboration between multiple entities.

The Needs Assessment Report was available for public comment and based upon the input received, the report was updated and finalized. While it includes findings around Marin’s digital divide, it also outlines needs in every sector across the County.  The Report also includes information regarding Marin’s broadband cost and speeds and a breakdown of the findings for each of the seven communities that participated in the process. Information from our consultant, Magellan Advisors, is also included in the Report.

The Needs Assessment Report leads into the next step in the project, development of the Digital Marin Strategic Plan.  The Plan will include project recommendations and be used to help gain funding for solutions to Marin’s digital needs. Many volunteers supported the Digital Marin Project Team throughout the needs assessment process.  The Report could not have been done without them. Thank you to the Executive Steering Committee, Community Work Group members, and all our partners for your time, efforts, and input.

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