Action 16 – Identify and Increase Data Sharing Initiatives

Create collaborations, explore opportunities, develop project proposals, and get funding for data sharing initiatives to provide whole person care for individuals and families. Potential projects identified through the needs assessment process include the following:

  • Expanding data sharing among schools, libraries, and education-focused community based organizations to support home access to educational resources and family and school communication while eliminating the homework gap.
  • Increasing collaboration and data sharing among healthcare, mental health, social service, justice, education, non-profits, housing, and other organizations to provide wrap around services by:
    • Resourcing a backbone entity and providing community engagement, technology, and legal resources for a Community Information Exchange model;
    • Investing in data platforms for wrap around programs like Success Networks, community schools, etc.; and 
    • Aligning goals and actions between existing collective impact initiatives.
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