2021 Q1 Status Update

Posted on March 31, 2021

An explosion of data is coming in now that the surveys, focus groups, and interviews are all going full speed. The outreach is working as we planned. We’ve uncovered more community connections and are finding additional allies. While the level of participation from business owners is less than we hoped, we understand that they are busy rebounding from Covid restrictions. Analysis of community input has begun.


Notable Accomplishments

  • We continued to reach out to residents through community groups, email, mail, and social media campaigns. To date, nearly 1,000 people responded to the Residents’ survey, with over 550 completed responses. We can still use data from the partially completed surveys.
  • In-person outreach in the Canal was conducted in partnership with grad student Daniel Soto. More outreach to underserved communities also began.
  • Magellan delivered a Technical Memo for our review. It outlined the network infrastructure uncovered by their inventory assessment work. Additional, information was obtained after the memo was reviewed.
  • The Government and Emergency Management team moved into the data analysis phase, looking for themes and insights from all the focus groups to derive issues the plan needs to address.
  • The Planning, Transportation, and Public Works team completed most of their focus groups and are continuing with additional interviews.
  • The Education team held their kick-off meeting and are getting tremendous assistance from Marin Promise Partnership in conducting focus groups. The Education Community is a large domain to explore.
  • The Health and Community Based Organizations team started their outreach. While the County is turning the corner on Covid, these organizations are still heavily impacted. We greatly appreciate their participation at this time.
  • The Business and ICT Providers teams are continuing to complete their objectives and provide vital information.
  • The Residents team is proving to be a great asset to the county.


Activity Status


  • Conducted Asset Data Collection

Ongoing without problem

  • Communications & Publicity
  • Community Outreach
  • Broadband Network Gap Analysis
    • Additional information has come in late and is being added


Key Issues, Risks, and Impediments

  • Risk: The Magellan contract formally ends April 12th. We agreed to extend the date within the fixed-bid framework. Additional discussions clarifying deliverables and the approval of a revised project end date should eliminate this risk.


There are no requests for action at this time.

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