2021 Q2 Status Update

Posted on June 30, 2021

We have reached the end of the beginning. Magellan delivered their Technical Memo, the first in a series of products they handed off to us through May. The Government and Emergency Management work group was the first to submit their findings. The other groups will follow with their analysis and findings in the next few weeks. We’ve started to close our surveys and are scheduling the last few focus groups. The Public Outreach phase of our project has drawn to a close, we are now looking forward to the heady process of drafting our consolidated plan, to be delivery later this summer. While all of this longer-term work has been going on, we have also made great strides in our immediate efforts to fulfill the needs of our more disadvantaged residents


Notable Accomplishments

  • Seven focused surveys, plus the Residents and Business online surveys, accumulated over 1,400 responses.
  • Magellan completed interviews with the regional internet providers.
  • Ten Executive Steering Committee members created seven work groups that expanded participation in the project to 48 members, who were then able to reach out to hundreds of stakeholders. We’ve talked to school age children and older residents, government agencies and commercial businesses, non-English speaking communities, internet communication technology providers, health and social service agencies, and community based organizations.
  • Outreach findings from focus groups, interviews, and surveys of thousands of residents were consolidated into a single presentation. A review by the ESC and Community Working Group members at a joint workshop identified items to review and update.
  • A final Needs Assessment Report is under development and will be circulated for review in the 1st half of July. This Report is a significant part of the Strategic Plan.
  • Magellan Advisors delivered the Digital Infrastructure Needs and Options Report on current broadband assets and services in the County and a recommended conceptual design of a broadband network throughout Marin. A joint briefing for the ESC and Community Work Group members was conducted. The Report is currently under review and comments and questions are being addressed as they come in.
  • Digital Marin connected Comcast’s local government director, Brian Bottari, with the Marin Housing Authority’s Evan Smith. They will be touring five complexes for older adults and people with disability to develop a plan to provide broadband access for all residents at these five sites. This review is part of a proposed project to address these residents’ needs including devices and digital literacy training, plus covering the cost of internet service. The goal is to fund this project from grant and other broadband funding.


Activity Status


  • Communications & Publicity
  • Community Outreach
  • Broadband Network Gap Analysis
  • Workgroups submit their analysis

Ongoing without problem

  • Write Plan
    • Expected by end of July


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