2021 Q3 Status Update

Posted on September 30, 2021

Another milestone reached. We were concerned we wouldn’t have much to report, but on the contrary, we have shifted into high gear. We received the Needs and Options Report from Magellan Advisors and are mining it for insights. Combined with completion of the draft Needs Assessment Report, we are exiting the fact finding and analysis activities and moving into the recommend, document, and communicate mode. The initial draft of the Strategic Plan was completed. Attendees at this month’s Strategic Plan Workshop provided excellent feedback on the Plan. Updates are being made based on that feedback and written comments received via email. The updated Plan will be circulated for additional comments in October. This process pushes the schedule back a couple of weeks but is a worthwhile use of time


Notable Accomplishments

  • Finalized Magellan Advisors’ Digital Infrastructure Needs and Options Report. We are pleased with the 71-page Report. We now have a better understanding of our existing assets and gaps, and we can be certain what we propose is of vital necessity and rationally recommended.
  • Our stakeholder register has now passed 520 people and more than 460 people are subscribed to our weekly newsletter. We have connected with people from all over the County from residents, businesses, government, health services, non-profits, and more. The groundswell of support we are getting from everyone engaged in the project is very encouraging. We will continue to increase and reach out to this large resource pool as the Digital Marin process continues.
  • We convened a meeting of members of the education and libraries communities to discuss the Emergency Connectivity Funding program, potential applications, and encourage collaborative submissions. We are encouraged by the number of Marin agencies pursuing funds.
  • We met with representatives from several organizations who are interested in establishing a Community Information Exchange (CIE) for Marin, and eventually the Bay Area. The purpose of the effort is to create a more integrated health and social care information network, with a focus on addressing health inequity. We discussed ways that Digital Marin can align with this effort.
  • We began development of a Resource page on the Digital Marin website that provides an easy way to find information with links to free and low cost internet service, programs like the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), digital literacy training, low and no cost computers, locations with free Wi-Fi, and more. We’re also planning for what the website will become as we complete the Strategic Plan and take the next step of publishing it and implementing recommendations.
  • Contacted local incumbent internet providers regarding potential project proposals for CARES Act funding opportunities that required partnering with local government. The consensus was that they were not prepared and could not meet the Federal deadline.
  • Received approval from the Marin County Board of Supervisors to establish a fixed term position, funded by the County, to assist with identifying, applying for, and managing broadband related funds. Began recruitment activities.
  • The GoDigitalMarin.org website is being continuously updated. Kudos to Nina Bell and Daniella Baker who are changing the website from an informational site for the project to an ongoing resource and a way to track progress on implementation of the Plan. Please visit the expanded Resources page to familiarize yourself with its contents so you can easily refer people to it if they ask for information regarding what is available.
  • Marin County, through the North Bay/North Coast Broadband Consortium (NBNCBC), filed Opening Comments and Motion for Party for Middle Mile Rulemaking. Thanks to Bruce Vogen, ESC, and members of the Residents and ICT Providers Work Groups who provided input. NBNCBC was recognized for the quality of our comments at the CA Middle Mile Advisory Committee meeting and Senator McGuire asked that NBNCBC’s comments be sent to him.
  • We’d also like to commend Bruce Vogen, ESC and Residents Work Group member for his tireless research and contributions to the planning process. Thank you, Bruce.


Activity Status


  • Write Plan

Potential Issues

  • ESC and Sponsors Review, Approve, & Publish Strategic Plan
    • Extending for including more feedback


  • Countywide Roll-out and input on Plan and Finalization
    • Expected by end of 2021
    • Slipping dates due to extended review stage


There are no requests for action at this time.

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