2022 Q1 Status Update

Posted on March 31, 2022

The last three months were busy for Digital Marin as it moved from being a project to create a Strategic Plan to implementation of the Plan, beginning with setting up an operational entity and seeking funding. Since the last status update, the Digital Marin Strategic Plan was adopted by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, the San Anselmo Town Council, and the Sausalito City Council. We also received several letters of support from various organizations. Adoptions and letters of support are important as Digital Marin applies for grants and other funding, including receiving “extra points” for our applications.


Notable Accomplishments

  • Adoption and Letters of Support: In addition to adoption by Marin County, the Town of San Anselmo, and the City of Sausalito, we are seeking adoptions by every city and town in Marin. Additional cities and towns are already working with us including City of Mill Valley, where it is on the May 2nd agenda. We are available to assist other municipalities. Sample staff reports and resolutions are available.
    • Please contact LMassey@MarinCounty.org for more information, questions, and assistance.
  • Strategic Plan Actions: Completed two of the activities in the Strategic Plan’s timeline for the first quarter of 2022 – January through March.
    • Secured adoptions and endorsements of the Strategic Plan, although we continue to ask for more.
    • Began the process to establish the community-driven operating entity.
    • Activities to determine the organization type to implement the Plan began but were not completed. We are working with members of our Digital Marin work groups and hiring a consultant to complete the analysis, secure funds, and move forward with setting up the operating entity as soon as possible.
  • Marin Security and Privacy Council: Announced the formation of the Council and the release of a monthly CyberSafe newsletter for residents and public and private organizations. Subscriptions & more information can be found on the Marin County website.
  • Funding Opportunities: We are busy learning as much as possible and preparing to submit applications for grants and other funding. While billions of dollars are becoming available, it is a challenge to stay up-to-date on the numerous programs and their requirements. Much of the money is going directly to the State, with only part of it being made available to local communities, mainly through competitive processes.
  • Website update: The GoDigitalMarin.org website is undergoing an update to transition it from an informational, archival site to an interactive platform. The website will become a digital community resource and serve as a reporting tool on the progress of implementation of the plan. We are also working with the County’s Digital Accessibility Team to significantly improve the website and its documents. Some changes are already in place, and more are on the way
  • Digital Marin Technical Committee: To support implementation of the Strategic Plan, a Digital Marin Technical Committee is being formed from the project’s technical work group, plus we are seeking participation from additional agencies.


Activity Status


  • Countywide Adoption effort
    • Adopted by Marin County Board of Supervisors on February 1st

Ongoing without problem

  • Ongoing Adoption, Implementation, and Socialization


Key Issues, Risks, & Impediments

  • Risk – Ability to secure funding in a timely manner so that Digital Marin’s activities continue without disruption.


Requests for Action

  • Obtain adoption of the Digital Marin Strategic Plan by your city or town.
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