FAQ Topic: Everyone in Marin can take advantage of all online opportunities

Action 10 – Create Community-Based Digital Support Networks

Create community-based digital support networks that serve individuals and organizations without the means to get technical support. Expand existing programs or establish new ones, potentially resulting in job creation, job training opportunities, and new businesses. Launch these projects based on each communities’ specific needs and availability of resources.

Action 9 – Create Partnerships to Provide Devices for All

Create programs with eligibility standards to distribute low and no-cost devices to individuals and organizations. Identify needs, secure funding, determine eligibility, obtain, distribute, and track devices, and manage the program. To remove barriers, ensure that the process to obtain devices is easy to complete and coordinated with other entities such as those providing social services. … Continued

Action 8 – Integrate and Expand Digital Literacy Training Programs

Inventory digital literacy training programs, including those in K-12 and higher education, to determine gaps, identify redundancies, and ensure that digital literacy training is available for all Marin residents and businesses. Collect information such as intended audience, training method, curriculum, and whether the program is meeting Marin’s digital literacy standards. Ensure that resources spent on … Continued

Action 7 – Create Digital Literacy Standards for Marin

Develop a baseline standard of digital literacy for Marin. Work with schools and other training programs to incorporate these standards into their curriculum and training programs. Conduct a marketing campaign to ensure that these standards are well known and adopted throughout Marin.

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