FAQ Topic: Fees and benefit

Will the household be charged any fees?

Taxes and fees are part of the amount charged to a consumer so they are included in the ACP reimbursement, instead of consumers receiving small bills for taxes and fees alone. If the family chooses an internet service plan that is more than $30 per month, they will be responsible for that amount. For example, … Continued

Will the family receive the money directly?

No. The benefit is not a direct to consumer benefit. It is a discount off the monthly service bill and/or device. The internet service provider will seek reimbursement directly from the FCC program.

What about households currently enrolled in the Emergency Broadband Benefit? Will the household automatically be enrolled in an expensive plan or contract now that has ended?

EBB participants in good standing were automatically enrolled into the ACP benefit on 12/31/2021 which ensures eligible households continue to receive the discount without disruptions due to the eligibility of their service provider. There is a 60 day transition period in which the EBB enrolled family will continue to receive the $50 per month benefit … Continued

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