FAQ Topic: High-quality broadband is available to everyone in Marin

Action 6 – Increase access to affordable broadband service

Increase access to affordable broadband services for everyone, especially for those least able to pay, by identifying or creating discounted and free programs. Manage the programs through a centralized agency, whenever possible, using Federal, State, local, and other funding sources. Remove barriers to entry by ensuring the process to get discounted or free internet service … Continued

Action 5 – Improve incumbent internet providers’ services

Obtain more information about incumbents’ internet prices, speeds, resiliency, and quality by conducting a county-wide speed test coupled with an evaluation of individual service provider’s costs, program offerings, and quality of service standards and ratings. Work with incumbent providers to ensure that their current and future internet services meet or exceed Marin’s adopted standards in … Continued

Action 4: Establish Marin’s own internet service standards

Local government is and for the foreseeable future will be constrained from regulating the business practices of private companies providing internet services in Marin. Develop internet service standards for accessibility, speed, reliability, resiliency, safety, availability, consistency, affordability, open access, and other important aspects of broadband for all that meet or, if desired and where possible, … Continued

Action 3 – Expand deployment of broadband and increase local control

Use existing network infrastructure and services, develop residential community siting standards, adopt trench once/trench smart ordinances, standardize permit requirements and fees, and develop other rules, policies, and procedures, to the fullest extent possible. Work to update, change, or adopt laws, rules, policies, and procedures to increase deployment of broadband infrastructure with an emphasis on the … Continued

Action 2 – Use a phased implementation of stand-alone broadband components

After a detailed broadband network design is completed and resources become available, oversee deployment of broadband infrastructure using a phased implementation of stand-alone broadband network components. Manage each phase using project management best practices that include securing funds, hiring consultants, and obtaining other necessary resources. Upon completion of each proceeding phase, launch projects to deploy … Continued

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