FAQ Topic: Internet provider

What are some of the consumer protections in the ACP?

Credit checks are prohibited as a condition of household participation in a service plan. Service providers are also prohibited from up or down-selling customers on any plans. They also cannot conduct a credit check or make them sign a contract.

What if the household has unpaid bills with the internet service provider?

Eligible households cannot be excluded based on prior debt with a participating provider. However, if families have non-payment for 90 days (from the bills’ due date(s) after enrolling and participating in ACP), the family can be de-enrolled as long as the Internet service provider gives notice after 30 and 60 days. Re-enrollment with the same … Continued

Can the household change internet service providers?

Consumers can change to a different participating provider at any time. They are not locked into the company that they first enrolled with in the program. However, the device discount can only be used once per eligible household, even if the household changes providers.

Can the ACP benefit be applied to existing internet accounts?

Yes! Especially with the ACP and the fact that the consumer can choose whichever plan they wish. If they qualify for the ACP, they complete the online application, receive a code, and then contact the provider that they wish to apply their benefit to their current plan.

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