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Needs Assessment Report finalized

Based on months of outreach to residents, government officials, schools, businesses, healthcare, and community-based organizations, the Digital Marin Needs Assessment Report was compiled to show the needs within Marin’s communities. The outreach process uncovered gaps that many people didn’t know existed and opened the door for collaboration between multiple entities. The Needs Assessment Report was … Continued

Digital Marin tech providers meet to discuss “middle mile” network

The Digital Marin Tech Team met to discuss SB156 and any comments that should be submitted by Digital Marin in the call for comments by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The CPUC is asking for information on: Existing infrastructure Priority areas Network end users Affordability of the middle mile network Leasing existing infrastructure Interconnection … Continued

Needs Assessment Report open for public comment

Digital Marin is pleased to post the Needs Assessment Final Draft for public comment. The report is the culmination of extensive community outreach and leadership from the project’s Executive Steering Committee and Community Work Groups.  It will serve as a foundation for development of the strategic plan. The report includes Marin’s overall digital need statements, … Continued

Digital Marin communication and tech committee kicks off

On July 23, 2021 the Internet Communication and Technology work group broadened its membership to include more representatives from towns, cities, and education realms. This is in anticipation of the Digital Marin initiative initiating more network related projects which need further analysis and planning. Read the meeting notes The notes document is in PDF format.  … Continued

Emergency Connectivity Fund meeting

On July 8, 2021 people from the education community met with Library staff to discuss what plans and ideas everyone had regarding the Emergency Connectivity Fund. The Digital Marin team in partnership with Marin Promise Partnership covered details about the Emergency Connectivity Fund, informed the group on important deadlines, and lead a discussion on ways … Continued

Magellan Advisors holds Digital Marin briefing

On June 24, 2021 Magellan Advisors presented their findings to the Digital Marin project team and workgroup members. The report covered their findings and recommendations for consideration in creating the Digital Marin plan. Topics included: Marin’s current internet infrastructure and services An ongoing business model Governance structure to move the Strategic Plan forward to project … Continued

Marin Information Security Collaboration (MISC)

Cybersecurity attacks such as ransomware against government agencies, businesses, and individuals have become the norm.  Cybercriminals launch their attacks in an attempt to disrupt operations, obtain unauthorized access to information, and extort money for their own financial gain. To combat these threats, the County formed the Marin Information Security Collaboration (MISC) to share information security … Continued

Digital Marin holds workshop for all communities

On June 10, 2021, the Digital Marin project held a workshop for all communities together.  Liza Massey, CIO of Marin County led the meeting with help from Rebecca Woodbury, formerly from the City of San Rafael and current Digital Marin Volunteer. The group did two interactive polls and used Jamboard as a landing place for … Continued

Digital Marin talks Emergency Broadband Benefit on KWMR’s Epicenter

On June 10, 2021 County of Marin CIO and Digital Marin founder Liza Massey was interviewed on Epicenter about the Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). In Marin County 82% of residents rate their internet as only fair or poor.  During the pandemic shelter at home 41% of parents polled understood how to help their children … Continued

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