Classes and support

Learn how to use email, computers, and the internet. Students can also get free help from online tutors.



Classes for computer, email, and internet basics.


Small and hands-on classes with time to practice.

Marin County Free Library

Technology classes and support from your local library.

Drop-in tech support

No appointment needed! Stop by the San Rafael public library to ask questions about your device.


Parent Services Project

Digital Literacy workshops designed to support parents who have little-to-no working knowledge of how to use computers.

Parent Institute for Quality Education

Linguistically and culturally responsive digital literacy training for families.

People with disabilities

California Foundation Independent Living Centers

California Foundation Independent Living Centers (CFLIC) resources.
Digital Access Project. Supports internet services at a lower cost for folks with disabilities who have limited income.
Freedom Tech. A financial loan program to purchase needed assistive technology ($500-$15,000). Includes computers and adaptive accessories/software.

Center for Accessible Technology

Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT). Various programs including:
• Senior Connects – open lab offering digital hands-on support and training.
• Assistive Technology Explorations – space to explore various tools to interface with technology.
And more!

Department of Rehabilitation

Department of Rehabilitation – Assistive technology programs.

Assistive technology (AT) is anything that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities and independence of persons with disabilities, aging populations, and people with non-communicable diseases. AT enables people to live healthy, productive, and dignified lives, and promotes inclusion and participation in education, the labor market, and civic life.


Online high school

Earn your high school diploma and a career certificate through Career Online High School.

Online tutoring

Get homework help online from an expert tutor.


Cybersecurity for organizations

Stay armed and informed with these cybersecurity tips.

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