Implementation status

Track our progress implementing the Digital Marin Strategic Plan.

This page was last updated: July 28, 2020


First quarter

Secure adoption and endorsement of the Strategic Plan (in progress)

  • 5 of 12 adoptions complete
  • Over a dozen general letters of support received

Determine organization type (in progress)

  • Selected non-profit for digital divide initiatives
  • Hired consultant to determine governance structure and operational model

Begin process to establish the community-driven operating entity (in progress)

  • Working to setup non-profit

Second quarter

Begin development of a business plan (in progress)

  • Hired consultant to assist with development of a business plan

Launch the Marin Security and Privacy Council (complete)

Third quarter

Refine Strategic Plan based on the business plan (not started)

  • Contingent on development of the business plan

Launch the Digital Accessibility Council (in progress)

  • Planning has begun

Fourth quarter

Launch a project to develop the high-level broadband network design (in progress)

Begin digital adoption efforts (in progress)

  • Received American Rescue Plan Act funds from the County of Marin to begin planning first project at subsidized housing for older adults and people with disabilities
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