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Following a year-long partnership, the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at the University of California, Berkeley, and Next Century Cities released Cut Off from the Courthouse: How the Digital Divide Impacts Access to Justice and Civic Engagement. The report features interviews with 27 professionals who have grappled with the transition to remote court...

In Service-Learning-designated classes you will learn to: Act as socially responsible community member Apply learning in social context(s) Value community voice and knowledge Reflect critically on root causes and systemic social/environmental issues There are many Service-Learning-designated courses throughout Dominican’s course catalog. To find these courses, look for “SL” listed in front of the course name...

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Technology 4 Life provides small, hands-on classes that give participants time to practice what they've learned. Find a class near you! Classes en Espanol Nuestra instructora bilingüe, Laura Mogannam, dirige nuestras clases en español. Consulte las ubicaciones para obtener información sobre las clases y la página de la clase en español.

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Stay armed and informed with these cybersecurity tips.

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