1 - Needs Assessment Report

Based on months of outreach to residents, government officials, schools, businesses, healthcare, and community-based organizations, the Digital Marin Needs Assessment Report was compiled to accurately define Marin’s digital needs. The outreach process uncovered gaps that many people did not know existed and
opened the door for collaboration between multiple entities.

2 - Magellan Conceptual Network Design

On June 24, 2021, Magellan Advisors presented their Digital Infrastructure Needs and Options Report to the Executive Steering Committee, Digital Marin project team, and the project’s work group members. The Report informed this Strategic Plan. Topics included Marin’s current internet infrastructure and services, and recommendations for an ongoing business model and a governance structure to move the Strategic Plan forward to project implementation. The meeting notes and video are available on the GoDigitalMarin website.

3 – Executive Steering Committee

The Digital Marin project was guided by an Executive Steering Committee, with representation from all of Marin’s sectors. Members of this committee led public outreach within the various sectors, lent their time and expertise to development of the Plan, and continue to assist in its completion and eventual implementation.

4 - Project Administration

The Digital Marin project followed best practice project management processes. More information about the planning process is available on the GoDigitalMarin website.

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