Marin’s digital needs

The Digital Marin project conducted community outreach by dividing Marin’s stakeholders into sectors and assigning at least one (1) member of the project’s Executive Steering Committee as a liaison to each. The seven sectors are: business and economic development; education; government and emergency management; health and community based organizations; internet, communication and technology providers; planning, transportation, public works, and utilities; and residents. The individual findings for each sector were analyzed and combined into a Needs Assessment Report that identified seven (7) overall needs. These needs represent challenges that must be overcome to achieve Digital Marin’s vision.

  1. Broadband for all: Universally accessible, affordable, reliable, and safe broadband is needed throughout Marin.
  2. Affordable internet service: Affordable broadband service is needed throughout Marin, so cost is not
    a barrier to entry.
  3. Resilient and reliable communication networks: Redundancy and resiliency are needed for all of Marin’s digital infrastructure.
  4. Devices for all: Marin’s residents need safe, robust end user devices to access all digital
    resources and opportunities.
  5. Digital literacy: Digital literacy for providers and consumers of internet content and
    services is needed.
  6. Collaboration and data sharing: Collaboration and sharing of data and resources are needed to improve service delivery to our residents.
  7. Digital adoption: Building trust and knowledge of the benefits of participating in an ever
    increasing digital world is needed to increase digital adoption.

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