Risk and impact analysis

Since achieving broadband for all is resource intensive, strategies to achieve Digital Marin’s vision must be evaluated for impact and risk. While developing a detailed broadband network design and deploying broadband have high impacts, they also have high levels of risk. Despite the risk level, these two initiatives are fundamental in achieving Digital Marin’s vision. Establishing an independent operating entity is equally critical for completion of the other strategies.

Action Risk/Impact Matrix: Risk is length of time to implement, complexity, cost of the initiative, and number and type of stakeholders involved.  Impact is the ability to influence achieving broadband for all. Two thirds of the strategies are labeled as inform and influence. They include things like establishing an operating entity which is high impact with low risk and promoting Smart technologies which is low impact and low risk.  The remainder of the strategies are labeled deploy and increase access.  They are all high risk with high impact and include things like deploying broadband infrastructure such as fiber.  The anticipated cost of each strategy is represented by zero to three dollar signs. Establishing boards and councils are no-cost while fiber to the home is estimated to have the highest cost.

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