Project approach

  • Development of the Strategic Plan was managed as a project with a project plan, project manager, tasks, timeline, and monthly reporting.
  • Project leadership provided by an Executive Steering Committee.
  • Marin Managers Association served as project sponsors.

Community involvement

  • Community outreach resulted in more than 3,700 touch points, including 12 surveys and more than 70 meetings, focus groups, briefings, and interviews.
  • Touch points also included providing comments, subscribing to the weekly newsletter, and participating as stakeholders, community advocates, or subject matter experts.

Asset inventory

  • The Project’s consultant, Magellan Advisors, conducted an inventory, assessment, and gap analysis of Marin’s network assets and services.
  • Magellan Advisors provided findings and recommendations including a phased, conceptual network design.

Needs assessment

  • Community needs were used to develop a Needs Assessment Report that identified seven (7) digital needs.
  • The Report was made available for public comment, updates were made, and the final Report is posted on the GoDigitalMarin website.

Best practices

  • Plans and projects from other government entities were reviewed, and we participated in development of the California State Broadband Action Plan.
  • We participated in workshops and other forums conducted by the FCC, CPUC, Smart Cities Connect, and other organizations, and are members of NBNCBC and NATOA.

Adoption and endorsement

  • The Strategic Plan was made available for public comment, updates were made, and the final Plan is posted on the GoDigitalMarin website.
  • We are seeking adoption or endorsement by boards, councils, commissions, and other leadership bodies for organizations in all sectors.

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