Planning process


The Digital Marin plan will outline projects and initiatives to help us reach these goals:

  • Everyone has access to high speed internet and knows how to use it;
  • Public agencies, non-profits, and non-governmental organizations share data, where appropriate, to better serve our communities;
  • Opportunities are highlighted for more efficient, transparent, and customer-oriented cross-jurisdictional and cross-sector service delivery; and
  • Marin has a resilient information network.

Approach & Process

Our approach in developing this plan is:

  • Inclusive and collaborative, involving residents, businesses, public agencies, non-governmental organizations, and education;
  • Community driven to address what communities say is important; and
  • Forward thinking with short-term wins and long-term digital goals.

Our process includes:

  • Conducting public outreach;
  • Inventorying current digital assets;
  • Defining target capabilities;
  • Identifying gaps; and
  • Developing a Digital Infrastructure Strategic Plan.


The Digital Marin planning effort will run from August 2020 to Fall 2021.

Timeframe Activities
August through October 2020 
  • Project initiation
  • Organizing Team established
  • Kick off Executive Steering Committee
  • Hire a consultant
November 2020 through Spring 2021
  • Conduct public outreach
  • Create inventory
  • Identify gaps between “As Is” and “To Be”
  • Gather input for the Plan
Summer 2021
  • Draft plan
  • Conduct reviews
  • Finalize plan
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