Marin City Free Internet


Marin City is home to about 3,200 residents, including over 500 school-aged children. The median household income of $49,000, with 34% of households living on less than $25,000 a year. The coronavirus pandemic exacerbated the need for affordable internet access and families are facing more economic pressure due to increased levels of unemployment. With students and teachers expected to participate in distance learning, this lack of internet access is expanding educational equity gaps.

A collaboration between the Marin Community Foundation, Sausalito Marin City School District, and the County of Marin is bringing free Internet access to Marin City.  The project will enroll households in Comcast Internet Essentials Partnership Program through the existing partnership between Comcast and Marin County Office of Education to provide internet service in each eligible household leveraging existing infrastructure.  It includes residents of Golden Gate Village, Ridgeway households, and any other eligible household identified by the school.

The project will also provide Free Public Wi-Fi in three open areas for use by the community - Marin County Library site at the Gateway Shopping Center, the Bayview MLK School, and the Marin County building adjacent to Rocky Graham Park.

Ongoing support and maintenance will be sustained through Comcast for households and with outdoor areas by their respective owner (Library, school, and County).

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