Four (4) goals with enabling strategies emerged from the community outreach, needs assessment, asset inventory, and gap analysis. These goals and related strategies create Marin’s digital roadmap.

Goal 1: High-quality broadband is available to everyone in Marin.


  • Assist with the deployment of universally accessible public and public/private broadband services throughout Marin
  • Improve the quality, reliability, resiliency, and safety of Marin’s broadband services
  • Increase access to affordable broadband service

Goal 2: Everyone in Marin can take advantage of all online opportunities.


  • Coordinate and expand digital literacy training in Marin
  • Expand community-based programs to provide end user devices and support
  • Help organizations create easy to use digital services that work for everyone

Goal 3: Marin has a high rate of digital adoption that benefits everyone.


  • Improve privacy, security, and digital accessibility across Marin
  • Address barriers through education and community problem solving
  • Increase public value from investments in technology

Goal 4: Marin has a community driven organization with a mission to deliver broadband for all.


  • Obtain funding and create an independent operating entity

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