Community driven organization


Marin has a community driven organization with a mission of broadband for all

Key performance indicators

  • Create an effective operating entity by measuring its progress toward meeting the Strategic Plan’s goals within the time frames set forth in the Plan 
  • Represent all sectors and population groups on the Board of Directors by comparing the Board’s membership to the most current census data


Obtain funding and create an independent operating entity

Federal and state governments are infusing billions of dollars into public and public/private broadband network development. Marin, like all counties in California, stands to benefit from these and other time-limited investments and grant opportunities. Funding from Federal, State, and local sources and private investments enable creation of the operating entity and establishment of an administrative team. The operating entity must have the ability to raise capital, invest and manage infrastructure if needed, and work with and influence organizations throughout Marin to achieve broadband for all. While taking these actions, the Digital Marin Project should continue as is, under guidance from the County of Marin and funded through the current California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) grant and the Digital Marin Strategic Plan’s project budget. Two high-level actions related to this strategy were identified during the needs assessment process.

Evolve Digital Marin into a formal organization to develop, manage, and own public network assets with the Executive Steering Committee as initial Board of Directors.

—Magellan Advisors’ Needs and Options Report

Evolve the Digital Marin project into a community driven, independent operating entity with the ability to inform and influence policy makers and make decisions, raise capital, and spend funds to achieve Marin’s shared digital goals. Secure the resources, determine the type of organization, and take all steps necessary to complete its establishment. Incubate the new entity within the County of Marin’s Information Services and Technology (IST) Department until it is capable of operating independently.

Establish a diverse, community-based Board of Directors for the Digital Marin operating entity. Have the project’s Executive Steering Committee serve as the initial Board. Make modifications to the Board to ensure it represents all sectors and segments of Marin’s population.


Adoption of the Digital Marin Strategic Plan by the County of Marin and Marin’s cities, towns, and other public agencies, plus endorsement by educational, business, and community organizations will maximize return on the investment of time and funds in its development. Identifying or establishing an organization responsible for its implementation must also occur quickly to build on the momentum generated during the planning process and improve the ability for Marin to receive and wisely use Federal, State, and other funding. A delay in adoption and implementation of this Plan will result in the loss of community confidence and substantial funding opportunities.

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