Existing assets

The project’s consultant, Magellan Advisors, conducted an inventory and gap analysis of Marin’s digital infrastructure. They found a significant discrepancy between factors typically associated with well-connected regions and what was found in Marin.

According to Magellan Advisors,

Marin County has numerous private and public players in the network infrastructure and services space. In contrast, network assets and services are quite modest, particularly in comparison to leading communities, many of which are less affluent and densely populated, and much farther from major tech hubs than Marin.

While these findings and the information obtained through surveys, interviews, and focus groups outline the
challenges faced in achieving Digital Marin’s vision, we have existing assets to build upon.


  • California Open-Access Middle Mile Network (proposed)
  • California Research and Education Network (CalREN)
  • Commercial middle mile and backhaul networks
  • Incumbent providers’ networks
  • Light and telephone poles
  • Magellan Advisor’s Recommended Conceptual Network Design
  • Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA)
  • Public Benefit Fiber in SMART easement
  • San Rafael Fiber Network
  • Satellite service
  • Towers


  • Bolinas-Stinson Union School District Connectivity Committee
  • Canal Neighborhood Wi-Fi Project
  • Digital Marin Project
  • Marin City Free Internet
  • Marin General Services Authority (MGSA)
  • Marin Broadband Taskforce
  • Marin Information Security Collaboration
  • Nicasio Broadband Network Project
  • North Bay/North Coast Broadband Consortium
  • Shoreline Connectivity Project

Data Sharing

  • Community Information Exchange Movement
  • Integrated Justice System
  • MarinMap
  • Marin Promise Partnership

Funding Sources

  • California Advanced Service Fund Grant
  • Community Foundations
  • Federal Recovery and Infrastructure Funds
  • Private Donors
  • State Broadband Funds

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